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Title Search - Current Owner Search

A Current Owner Search is a search that provides the current vesting deed and all deeds leading back to the most recent out-of-family deed that is at least 24 months old. Current Owner Search Reports Include Information on:

  • The current vesting deed and all deeds leading back to the most recent out-of-family
  • Open mortgages and assignments against the current owners.
  • Any judgments and liens against the current owners
  • Tax assessment and current tax information including any delinquencies.

Title Search - Two Owner Search

A Two Owner Search is a search that goes back to the two full value deeds. Also included are copies of any open mortgages and assignments against any owners found, any judgments and liens against those owners, and also tax assessment and current tax information including any delinquencies. Two Owner Search Reports Include Information on:

  • Two full value Deeds.
  • Current Tax status.
  • County assessment information
  • Open mortgages, judgments, liens, and legal description will be captured.

Title Search - Full Search

A Full Title Search runs a complete ownership chain of title or full search of the property as defined by the title standard of the respective legislature.

Full Title Search is a great option for bank owned properties where it is important to receive all copies pertaining to the Title including copies for any mortgages, assignments, deeds, judgments and liens recorded against the property, current and prior owners. This Report can be used in connection with the issuance of a title commitment or title insurance policy. Our Full Title Search Reports Include Information On:

  • All deeds transfer in chain of title of all owners within the last thirty (30) years or more.
  • All the related documents of Mortgage/Deed of Trust like assignments, modifications and subordinations etc.
  • Judgement, liens and encumbrances.
  • Bankruptcy, UCC (uniform commercial code) and Surrogate/upper court.
  • Recorded easements, unrecorded easements, CC&R, all kinds of Agreements and Notices.
  • Property tax status and assessments.
  • Legal description of property- Including prior legal descriptions to track any changes

Deed Search

Deed or Legal and Vesting Report provides a concise overview of residential property vesting, with current ownership information of a property along with a legal description This Report includes:

  • Vesting/current ownership.
  • Current deed and legal Description.

Bring Down Search

An extension of a title search to verify that no liens have been filed against the property between the time of the original title search and the recording of the deed or mortgage.

  • Update on Tax info from last effective date.
  • Any and all newly recorded instruments from last effective date.

Document Retrieval

Document Retrieval is a search that is performed for a specific document such as, a Deed, Mortgage, Assignment, Release, Lien and Judgment etc,. with the details provided.